Heated Eyelash Curlers System      

                      Heated Eyelash Curlers System    Heated Eyelash Curlers SystemThe Original Hot Lashes® Heated Eyelash Curler Heated Eyelash Curlers System      

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    Hot Lashes® Eyelash Curler
    by Beautiful Eyes®, Inc.
    Malibu, California
    Top Magazines rave about our products

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System


    Heated Eyelash Curler

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    Voted the
    #1 Most Effective Heated Eyelash Curler

    New and Improved 100% Steel Eyelash Curler with Lavender Organza travel bag.

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Heated Eyelash Curlers is a must have amongst celebrities, makeup artist, and European royalty. Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash Curlers have been featured on CBS, CNN, E-entertainment TV and more. Unlike other heated eyelash curlers which are only partially steel, It's 100% steel provides a tighter, longer lasting curl. The new heated eyelash curler design provides a sturdier grip and a rounded silicone pad that curls lashes instead of crimping them. Your beautiful eyes will appear more open, creating an instant lift highlighting the beauty of you eyes.

    "Brand New Improved Platinum Hot Lashes"



    Our New Special

    A must have for Beautiful, gorgeous, lush lashes.

    On special the 4 Piece Beautiful Eyes Kit (Includes the Hot Lashes heater unit, eyelash curler, and our new revolutionary pump up lash fibers with our patented quick dry mascara) So easy to use, apply lash fibers, then mascara, let dry, curl and discover the most beautiful lush eyelashes ever...guaranteed.

    New Products

    10 Piece Beautiful Eyes Collection Kit

    10 Piece Beautiful Eyes Collection Kit
    The Best, voted top #1 by major Makeup Artists and top websites.
    Includes all of our unique and award winning items, also includes our NEW Vanish undereyel concealer. Instantly removes dark circles under the eye.
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    Hot Lashes® Pump Up Fibers

    How do models and celebrities sprout lashes long enough to knock off their sunglasses? It's " Pump-up" Lash Fibers clump free, lash fattening fibers build up lashes with an effect like false eyelashes only more natural! Just brush these fuzzy little white fibers on between layers of mascara to the desired thickness

    Hot Lashes Beautiful Eyes Kit

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    Click here to visit our new Luminous Lashes site for exciting new products.

    The Hot Lashes® Heated Eyelash Curler , the One and only ORIGINAL, recommended by top makeup artist and celebrities, is the safest and most effective way to make eyelashes curled, long and lush all day long for more Beautiful Eyes®. 

    News Flash - May 18

    "Hot Lashes Heated eyelash curling system and the Perfect Lash comb featured on CBS May 18th, "Living it up with Ali and Jack" on the Must have Beauty products for High Tech Cosmetics. We just love it when others love our products the way we do. What a beautiful acclaim."

    Hollywood Celebrity Hair Secret

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    Meet the Expert

    The New Makeup Artist Kit

    Includes the Hot Lashes 2pc System with Gold curler, AC adaptor attachment and set of silicone refills for the curler. 

    Our Makeup Artist Kit now available to our customer come with the Hot Lashes designed AC adaptor to enable your heater unit to work electrically. "This can't live without" eyelash innovation is perfect for curling stubborn straight eyelashes with curls that last all day. Nothing beats heat to set a curl.

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    Press Release

    And Make-up artist aren't the only ones fallen in love with Hot Lashes®, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dyan Cannon, Prince & Mayte, Joan Van Ark, Janet Leigh, and Libby Weaver the anchor for Extra, have all added Hot Lashes® to their beauty regimen. Additional rave reviews for Hot Lashes® have been featured on CNN, E-entertainment, Good Morning LA, Extra, Carolyn & Marlyn, and Home & Family.

    Rave Reviews from New York's Top Magazine, "Black Book"

    Heated Eyelash Curlers System

    "The heated eyelash curler sits in a battery-operated tray to heat a nonstick silicone pad. After 45 seconds, Hot Lashes is ready to curl. The clever design ensures that only the silicone pad is heated and the rest of the curler remains cool. Now go out and bat those lashes like your mama taught you-and leave the patent-leather bra at home."

    You asked for it... So we did it.. We expanded our line of fine Beauty products. To include wonderful eyelash fibers, a pre-mascara must to produce greater fullness and volume. We found a perfect eyelash comb, an incredible creamy eye liner that last all day with its own sealer. We created Beautiful shades of eye shadows that are formulated with deep pigments to enhance your own eye color. A hyper-concentrated under eye concealer to camouflage all darkness, A Eight-hour line smoother that helps erase wrinkles and lines and seals them for up to eight hours.



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