Ormus monotamic gold Cleopatra's Gold for Luminous Skin Facial Serum

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NEW* Many have marveled at the radiant beauty of Cleopatra that was world renown.. Ancient hieroglyphics have images of her being presented with jars of a white substance that very well may have been white powder Orrmus. For Ormus was a monoatomic substance that was only distributed to the elite in Egypt and used for vitality, anti-aging, radiance & skin rejuvenation.

Cleopatra is reported to have undergone bathing and washing her face with a liquid Ormus that feed her skin & body through her epidermis.. All you need for the same effect is monatomic liquid Ormus, Cleopatra's Gold using the "Egyptian Wet Method" which will absorb into the epidermis and help restore collagen and elastin. The benefits include tightening of the pores, smoother skin, stimulation of collagen and elastic tissue.

It may actually helps to repair your DNA, thereby younger looking skin. Cleopatra's Gold has been created by a certified Quantum Healer Alchemist and Master Reiki Healer. Cleopatra's Gold is 4 ounces of Liquid Ormus with 2% Organic essential oils. Use morning and night with dropper for the best results. And please keep away from EMF devices & sunlight.

About the product
  • Pure liquid Ormus with organic essential oils, tightening of skin, anti-aging,

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