Hot Lashes® Best Lasting Curl Mascara for the Hot Lashes curling system

$ 16.99 $ 24.99

Hot Lashes best Lasting Curl Mascara

Here it is! The best mascara in the world. With its dense brush, this mascara lengthens and defines lashes without clumping. This super smooth formula dries quickly and is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and flake proof.

The tube is equipped with an inside scraper so just the right amount of mascara is dispensed. Ideal for those who use the Hot Lashes® Eyelash Curler and our Hot Lashes Heated eyelash curling Kits.

The mascara is so light that it will not weigh down the lashes and actually helps to keep the curl. The Hot Lashes lasting Curl Mascara has a special patented quick dry ingredient that helps set the curl of you eyelashes for all day.

Hot Lashes Lasting Curl Mascara benefits:

  This patented quick-dry Mascara comes in a deeply pigmented black color, suitable for all eye color types and will dry within 30 seconds.

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