ORMUS - Monoatomic Gold Manna, White Powder Ormus 15 Grams, Energetically, White Powder Gold

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NEW* We create some of the finest Ormus on the Planet~! Luminous Beauty is proud to offer our Ormus Quantum Healing products to the public. Our high quality premium Ormus is created by a certified Quantum Healing Alchemist & Master Reiki healer, using only the highest & purest methods, researched & applied over years.

One of them being the "Egyptian Wet Method" which produces a true supreme Elixir of Life, made from the finest dead sea salts using only the highest methods and protocols. For the purposes of planetary alignment for the highest energy possible, Ormus is developed only during a waxing full moon over several weeks.Thereby, large quantities may be limited, so order as soon as possible.

Our Ormus is a pure source of energy, provided by undivided attention from the Alchemist's strength of mental & spiritual focus infused w/ quartz crystals. Mentally, you may experience higher frequency brain-waves & overall rejuvenation of body, mind & spirit. Ormus may increase overall performance & focus for extended periods of time, improving mental accuracy & creativity,

Additional Benefits & Features of regularly taking Ormus: 1. Anti-Aging, may heal & repair DNA, increase longevity. 2. May produce a stronger immune system, increasing Alpha brain wave production through electromagnetic elements that harmonizes and connects the two hemispheres of the brain for clearer thinking & enhanced creativity. 3. With regular use, may decalcify the Pineal gland, allowing for greater sleep, lucid dreams, enhanced Light Body and more enhanced meditations. 4. Ormus also may provide and boost one's energy levels -- a vitality that enhances a luminous inner energy that extends out through one's skin & eyes. 5. Regular use may increase your body's natural healing abilities.

Also stronger Hair & Nails may result. Benefits may be immediate or take 2-3 weeks. Suggestion to always keep your Ormus away from any EMF devices. Back silver side of Ormus package as pictured is for EMF protection.

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  • White powder Ormus 15 grams Superfood for Vitality, High natural energy, 1/8 teaspon daily will last 30 days. Mix and swirl with water and drink once daily

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