Hot Lashes® Best heated eyelash curler, Cult favorite 7PC Queens's Kit

$ 89.99 $ 155.00

Top Makeup artists love this kit and have made it their #1 Favorite collection for the most Beautiful and Luminous eyes. A customer Rave as Cult favorite~!

The combination of the Hot Lashes Heated eyelash curling system with the added bonus of the new Hot Lashes Pump up Fibers for that lash extension look to give you longer and thicker lashes with our Lasting Curl mascara.

Plus, you also get the Night-time Nourishing Lash Treatment, for use at night to achieve healthy and conditioned eyelashes after continued use.

A complete Must Have system for those that want the most beautiful, healthy and absolute beautiful Luminous eyelashes from the Best heated lash curler Hot Lashes



Hot Lashes patented tear drop shape Heater Base

24K gold plated Steel Professional eyelash curler infused with medical grade silicone pad

Set of 2 Hot Lashes refill silicone pads

Hot Lashes Super Lasting Curl mascara in Black with Hot Lashes Pump Up Fibers, all in one tube, Latest Technology~

Hot Lashes Night-time Nourishing Lash Treatment

Our white Hot Lashes AC Adaptor attachment for ease in electrical use, a savings on batteries with heater unit also getting warmer faster.

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