As we strive to offer the best Customer Service to our Hot Lashes customers, we have created for you this easy Frequently Asked Question guide. We picked the best and most frequent questions we get asked by you, our dear customers. You may want to review these questions and answers below in case your questions has been answered and addressed. If your question is not answered please feel free to contact us via email at: support@hotlashes.com or call us 800 240 4635

And please note~ we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, Less shipping and handling fees.  Email or call us for return address.


Q: How does Hot Lashes work and what do you mean by the Click, Curl, Color Process?

A: The uniqueness of our Hot Lashes system is it works by inserting the eyelash curler into the heater unit and you will hear a Click that activates the unit and turns it on.

After the 90 seconds of warming, you can Curl your eyelashes and then can immediatly Color with our Lasting Curl black mascara. Easy Click, Curl and Color.

Q: Why do I need heat to curl my eyelashes?

A: The warming process of heat assists in setting the curl of your eyelashes with your Hot Lashes system. It is the same principal as heat to rollers. If you use a cold roller or a cold curling iron, you will not set the curl.

Q: Is Hot Lashes safe for the eyelashes?

A: The temperature of your Hot Lashes curler gets to about the heated warmth of a hot tub. Most customers tell us that they actually like the warm heat, as it is quite comforting as it feel like a heating blanket to the eyelashes.

The added benefit of the Hot Lashes Iconic silicone pads add to the softness and also assists the condition of your eyelashes.

Q: Why is your Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash curler unique and the best?

A: Our Hot Lashes patented system uses a remote heater base to heat the Tourmaline Iconic silicone black strip of our 24k Gold plated steel Hot Lashes eyelash curler. Our Hot Lashes product is the original heated eyelash curler that is multi Patented in the US and around the world. The metal curlers created in the 1950's are still the best most effective way to curl eyelashes. We take the design of that eyelash curler and have improved greatly on its performance.

We have made the eyelash curler sturdier, with more resistance and a no pinch design, this with the Hot Lashes heater base makes Hot Lashes the best heated eyelash curler in the World marketplace. This mild gentle heat coupled with our superior Iconic pads and our Gold plated steel eyelash curler work together to set the curl of your eyelashes for ALL day. It is this trio of benefits that provide the most excellent results to the curl of your eyelashes.

Q: How long will my Eyelashes stay curled with the Hot Lashes system?

A: The moderate warm heat applied to the Iconic strip of your Hot Lashes eyelash curler, helps set the curl for ALL day. It is the same principle of heated rollers to your hair. The heat assists in setting the curl. We also recommend our Patented Super Lasting curl mascara with our quick dry formula. This mascara helps as well to hold the curl and does not smudge or run and you donot get the black dots on your eyes from mascara. To order the Lasting Curl black mascara, click here.


Q: In the Special TV offer, I will get a new gold eyelash curler Free every year, only paying S&P, Why do I need a new eyelash curler every year? 

A: Eyelash curlers need to be replaced about every year after regular use, as the center rivet in the eyelash curler mechanism starts to wear down and you may lose resistance in the handle of the eyelash curler that will effect its performance. This is fairly standard with all eyelash curlers and getting a new eyelash curler every year for 5 years, keeps your Hot Lashes system in tip-top shape, so you get beautifully curled eyelashes for years! (You get the FREE eyelash curlers plus added s & h for 5 years on the anniversary of our original order date with the TV offer. Please mark on your calendar so you can contact us for this Offer.)


Q: How do I use the Nourishing Lash treatment?

A: To use, simply remove the wand from the tube which will contain a sufficent quanitity of our LashTreatment on the brush. Apply over clean eyelashes at night as you would a mascara wand. The gentle treatment oil will penetrate into your eyelashes during the night. For an added Benefit you can also after your apply your Lash Treatment, use your Hot lashes heated eyelash curler.

The mild heat from the curler can assist the Lash treatment into penetrating deeper into your eyelashes.

Continued nightly use is suggested for at least 3-4 weeks to see results and then continued use from then on. Also can be applied on days when your are not wearing mascara for an added treatment.

To order our Nourishing Lash Treatment click here.


Q: Why does the Hot Lashes Super Lasting Curl mascara work better with your heated eyelash system?

A: Our Super Lasting Curl mascara was formulated to specifically work the best with our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curling system in a Click, Curl and Color routine.

Reason being our mascara has a quick dry ingredient in the formula that assists in holding the curl, and a unique Christmas Tree brush that applies the most mascara to every single lash and will not smudge or smear. It also is water resistant instead of waterproof and is healthier for your eyelashes as a result. We care about the health as well as the beauty of your eyelashes. It comes in a deeply pigmented Black color ideal for all coloring.


Q: Is your Hot Lashes Super Lasting Curl Mascara waterproof?

A: Our Super Lasting Curl mascara is Water resistant. In our research, we have found that water resistant is healthier and better for your eyelashes than water proof.


Q: What is so special about the Hot Lashes Pump up fibers?

A: These white micro fibers are a tad wet and adhere to the eyelashes and therefore, do not flake around your eyes. They dry within a few seconds and our Hot Lashes Super Lasting Curl mascara can be layered over the fibers. The combination of the Pump Up fibers and our Super Lasting Curl mascara give your eyelashes the look of eyelash extensions with added thickness and length as you desire.


Q: How long does it take to heat the Hot Lashes curler?

A: It takes only about 90 seconds to heat the Hot Lashes curler to a comfortable warmth to set the curl for all day.

The light will blink during those 90 seconds while it is warming and you can do other parts of your makeup. When the light is steady, it is ready. If would like your eyelash curler pad to be warmer, you can leave curler on the heater bar for longer of for the full 3 minutes. Or if you want your curler cooler, only leave on heater base for 10-15 seconds, then test for desired temperature.

*** before using, test with your back of hand the temperature of your Hot Lashes eyelash curler before using, as an added precaution.


Q: How long do I hold the eyelash curler in place on my eyelashes?

A: Once you remove your warmed heated eyelash curler from its Hot Lashes heater base, you curl your lashes with the curler holding down for a good 10 seconds and then gently release.


Q: How do I clean my Hot Lashes unit and curler?

A: Please only use alcohol to clean your Hot Lashes heater base and curler. Any other cleaning solutions will cause your heater base to malfunction.


Q: How often do I need to change the pads in the Hot Lashes gold eyelash curler?

A: The Tourmaline Ionic silicone pads need to be changed as they start to wear down, and for hygienic reasons as well, after 2-3 months of frequent use. It is easy to replace by simply removing with tweezers and then insert new Tourmaline pad with flat side down into the Hot Lashes eyelash curler. You will notice one side of refill pad flat and the other side rounded. The rounded side is for curling purposes as this will give you more of a curl and less of a crimp. A set of 2 Hot Lashes Tourmaline Ionic silicone pads sell for $5.99.


Q: How often do I need to replace the separate Gold plated Hot Lashes eyelash curler itself?

A: All eyelash curlers need to be replaced about once a year, reason being that the eyelash curler itself starts to lose resistance over time. This occurs naturally through continued regular use. You can purchase just the Hot Lashes curlers online. Replacing once a year, will assist your eyelashes in conjunction with the Hot Lashes heater base to have the most glorious and lasting curl ever.


Q: What is the Hot Lashes AC adaptor attachment? And do I also use with batteries at the same time?

A: The Hot Lashes adaptor is offered to our customers if they prefer that the heater unit be electrical and be able to be plugged in. The heater unit works with batteries and or the Hot Lashes adaptor. Do not use together. With the Hot Lashes AC adaptor, the unit does get a tad warmer sooner and saves on the cost in the long run for batteries. Do not use the unit with any other AC adaptor as the Hot lashes heater unit may malfunctioned. The Hot lashes heater unit is specially designed to work with the Hot Lashes AC Adaptor attachment or batteries only.


Q: Can I use any other AC Adaptor that I have in my home with my heater unit?

A: Our Hot Lashes heater units have been formulated and designed to specifically work with our Hot Lashes AC Adaptor attachment. The use of any other AC Adaptor may cause a malfunction and we do not suggest using at all. This will also impact any warranty on product line.


Q: How long will the Hot Lashes heater unit work with batteries?

A: The Hot Lashes unit takes 3 D cell batteries and if used everyday, need to be replaced about every 3-4 months. The average cost for these batteries is around $6-8 dollars. As a result, most of our customers find the Hot Lashes AC Adaptor attachment with its special savings more cost effective in the long run.


Q: My Hot Lashes eyelash curler will not click into the heater unit, what do I do?

A: This is not very common, but in the rare event your curler is not able to click into place and stay clicked into place, we suggest you do the following:

1. Take your curler off the heater unit.
2. Place your curler unit back on the heater unit, but this time do not push or allow the black rubber pad to go all the way down to the bottom of the metal heater. Make sure the black rubber pad is placed approximately 1/4" from the bottom of the metal heater.
3. Go ahead and click curler into place as the curler should stay clicked into place during the heating cycle.
4. If the curler will not stay into place after following steps 1 thru 3, please call or email our customer service department Toll Free at 1 800-240-4635.


Q: How do I know the Hot Lashes heater unit will not overheat?

A: The Hot Lashes unit has our unique 3 minute Smart-timer that automatically shuts off the heater unit after the 3 minutes. This way if the phone rings, you can be assured it will shut off. Please also as an added precaution, check the heat of your eyelash curler on the back of your hand before use and unplug AC Adaptor attachment from side of heater unit when not in use.


Q: Can I use any other eyelash curler with my new Hot Lashes unit?

A: Your Hot Lashes unit has been specially designed to work only with our Hot Lashes gold plated eyelash curler. This is due to the fact that our eyelash curler is the only curler in the marketplace with our patented heat retaining properties and our Tourmaline Ionic crystals infused in the silicone pad. Both of these properties were designed to work with the gentle warmth of your Hot Lashes heater unit.


Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer on your products?

A: We happily offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our beauty products. Plus a one year warranty on our Hot Lashes heater units.


Q: How are my products shipped?

A: USPS and USPS International.


Q: Do you Ship products Internationally?

A: Yes, we ship to most Countries world-wide.


Q: How can we reach you if we have any questions?

A: You can reach us toll free at 1 800-240-4635 or email us at jillgoode@verizon.net We have a good customer policy of getting back to all our dear customers within 1 business day.