Luminous Quantum Healing Products

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We at Luminous Beauty are so thrilled to offer our new line of Quantum Healing & beauty products. All designed & created for greater health & greater beauty.

Alexandra Roberts our founder started out as a Inventor of the Hot Lashes products, as well as holding a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science. For years, our Hot Lashes products have been the main stay for all things beauty in eyelashes.

Within the last year, she embraced the Quantum Healing field with a passion with an emphasis on inner healing on all levels physical and psychological & the greater advancement of outer Beauty.

Quantum Healing for her is the acceptance that there are many discoveries one may embrace that are 'out of the box' of the mainstream & may hold great promise in advancing one's health, inner well being and spiritual attunement.

She earned a Certificate degree as a Quantum Healing Practitioner and stepped further into the specific Quantum healing products. She wanted to facilitate possible anti-aging with greater outer beauty & Luminousity all the while devoted to her Hot Lashes customers. and wanting to keep them abreast of new technologies and products ...Now available.

Hence the Ormus line of Luminous Quantum Healing products was launched. She discovered Ormus and felt the effects almost immediately within her body, with greater energy, vitality, more lucid dreams and tighter skin pores to name a few.

Ormus is a M-state elements, which are present in every human being, as the light of life flowing in each one of us. What many people perceive as a person’s aura is actually a field of superconductivity. When the body becomes deficient in certain elements, a person may experience blocked energy channels. M-state elements, liquid M-states can help people burn through blockages and clear the way for spiritual awakening, greater health & beauty.