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Welcome to our site for the most Luminous Lashes and Beautiful eyes.

Eyelashes and Beautiful Luminous eyelashes have been our Loving passion for years! We love all things Lashes ~ all things of beauty ~

We have always felt that since our Eyes are the windows to our Soul, why not make the frame the most beautiful that they can be. We see eyes as radiating out Light from a magnificent Divine source and therefore as a great piece of art, our eyes need a beautiful Luminous Frame worthy of that Light.

Therefore ~ Lashes as a magnificent frame for our eyes became so important to us, so we created the perfect marriage of science with gentle heat coupled with medical grade non stick silicone pads in eyelash curlers for a Super Lasting Luminous Beauty

Our company was founded by Alexandra Roberts, a former top international model.   Alexandra has worked with some of the industry’s top designers and make up artists.  Alexandra wanted to bring to others the latest beauty ideas she discovered during her career. She simply wanted to create eyes that are radiantly beautiful with the frame of Luminous Lashes. From her extensive knowledge and experience in the beauty and fashion worlds combined with her passion and joy for life, Alexandra bridged the gap between inner and outer beauty emphasizing simpleness in our approach to our beauty routines and to our lives. Since 2003 Alexandra Roberts holds a Doctorate of Spiritual Science degree along the lines of Sacred beauty of the Universe. with an emphasis on divine Mystics throughout the ages~

As a beauty company, our Luminous Beauty product lines have been in business 18 years and have sold over 450,000 Hot Lashes kits world-wide, plus hundreds of thousands of other beauty products. We have been featured on CNN, NBC, Extra, E Network, and written about in the New York Times to name a few, as well as sellouts on QVC and on QVC UK. Top celebrities including, but not limited to: Beyonce, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Kirsten Dunst, Liv Tyler, Annie Potts, Britney Spears, and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, have quickly added beautifying their lashes to their beauty regime. 

We hold a high standard for all our beauty products and a high standard in Customer Service. We have consistently been the #1 rated site for our heated eyelash curler products. Based in California, we sell our products worldwide.

We strive to provide all of our customers with the very best and most unique and innovative beauty products in the market place…bar none. Alexandra Roberts currently hold numerous Patents and Trademarks for our unique Luminous Hot Lashes beauty products in the U.S. and globally.

We work with great care to create for you, beauty products that offer the most innovative cutting-edge advances including our patented Iconic Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler, the Hot Lashes Super Lasting Curl mascara, the Hot Lashes nourishing night treatment for the care and health of your eyelashes, and our Hot Lashes amazing Pump Up fibers utilized for adding length and thickness to lashes with a natural Lash extensions look, just to name a few~

We feel you will be as thrilled as we are with our Luminous Beauty line of innovative beauty items. Therefore, we happily offer and honor our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on all our unique beauty products.

We encourage you to explore our Hot Lashes website, and to sign up for our email newsletters. This email newsletter will provide unique beauty tips for each season. 

We trust that our line of Beautiful Eyes products inspires you into greater more luminous and lasting inner and outer beauty.

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