6 Glorious Steps to a Beautiful 2019 Autumn~

We had always admired the luminous beauty of the Queen of Sheba and learned of her through the beautiful stories of King Solomon. He loved her as he loved no other and she was glamorous, yet simple, kind, authentic, with a real luminous Beauty.

In studying her, we came up with 6 attributes where we can all claim our own inner Queen of Sheba, For yes, dear ones, we each are our own glorious queens. And yes, she even had her own unique beauty routines~ We love that :)

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Straight from the Runways! The Best Fall Beauty trends in 5 easy steps!

From the creators of Hot Lashes and Luminous Beauty Quantum products, 5 easy Beauty trends to discover to achieve a more lasting natural beauty look and glow!

Step #1

Start with a glowing face, using a mixture of 1 teaspoon baking soda with facial cleansing oil to remove all impurities and exfoliating your skin. We suggest our latest Brightening Oil with flower extracts. Once we felt this on our skin and saw the results we could not believe our eyes! Flawless skin and over time diminishes freckles, age discoloration and improves skin's pores. Product at

Step # 2

To reduce puffiness and fine lines, apply a small dab of our Eight Hour line eraser. Just a small amount at corners of eyes, under eyes and around lower face to erase all lines for up to 8 hours. Can take 10 years off your face almost  instantly. Product at

Step #3

To really open the eyes, Our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler, lifts your lashes and sets your curl for all day. You appear more wide awake with open beautiful eyes. Our #1 Hero product selling hundreds of thousands of kits worldwide. Product

Step #4

Adding liner to your eyes really accentuates your eye color and brightness of your eyes. Our 3 PC eyeliner kit with All day sealer does the trick gloriously!. And a added benefit of using the eyeliner sealer, add just a drop to your favorite eye shadow to create another shade of liner around your eyes.. Product at

Step # 5

An out of the box, beauty addition that we really love is our New white powder a Master Alchemist. Ormus is a powder that acts as a elixir from within, upgrading one's Light body creating a beautiful and natural inner glow. Effects are subtle and yet our staff have noticed tremendous benefits taken over time. Product at

 Blessings to you all~ We are always looking for the best, tried and true beauty products and will be doing weekly Blogs with more Tips and Treasures~!

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5 Easy steps to Restore/Renew/Restart a more Beautiful You for 2019

From our Hot Lashes founder who also holds a Doctorate Degree in Spiritual Science, we brainstormed and came up with these 5 easy steps to expand into more loving inner & outer beauty.

Step #1 We suggest for greater clearing, take a clean sheet of paper when you have some quality time alone and write out All you want to let go of for 2018 and for any year for that matter that is not for your highest good. Hold an emphasis of releasing & forgiving yourself and others for anything & everything. When you are complete, in a safe place burn your paper to release to the Universe with a prayer of letting go and stepping more into the New~ Bravo, now time to restore, renew yourself~

Step #2  Look over your current evening Skin care regime and consider using some sort of Retinol product.. You can start with the lowest dosage & build from there. We recommend if your skin can handle it, Exclusive cosmetics Retinol Extract serum. Retinols are great for reducing fine lines & wrinkles and balancing out skin tone. The benefits include tightening of the pores, smoother skin, stimulation of collagen and elastic tissue. Your face now has the potential to Glow~

Step #3 In morning, apply face makeup sparingly and we recommend only using a concealer to cover any all areas you would like diminished. We recommend our Hot Lashes Vanish Concealer. One of our customers favorites~!

Step #4 Now time to focus on the eyes- For if eyes are the windows to the Soul, our eyelashes are the curtains. Our Hero product is our Hot Lashes Makeup Artist Kit, renowned for its ability to open up your eyes by gently curling your eyelashes & with warm heat the sets the curl for all day~  With your beautiful eyes popping~!

Step #5 At the end of your makeup ritual, we suggest adding into your regime our 8 Hour Line Eraser. Just a small amount, a dab to apply over fine lines, any puffiness under your eyes or around your nasal folds and let Set for 10 minutes. This creates a Seal that erases for up to 8 hours. One of our most popular New products! Just reminder to let seal for the 10 minutes and only use a small amount. All reviews have been 5 Stars~!

All of us at Luminous Beauty are here for our customers and we love providing for you any and all tips and our latest beauty finds, always with a focus of your inner as well as outer beauty~!

A toast to all our beauties for a Safe, Happy, Healthy and Beautiful New Year~!


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For a Gorgeous Christmas 10 easy steps to a more Radiant you in 2018 from Hot Lashes

Happy Christmas~ 10 easy steps for upping your Radiant & Gorgeous Beauty by Hot Lashes~
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The Beauty of the Queen of Sheba and her 7 steps to authentic Beauty~


~ " Solomon had 300 hundred wives and 700 hundred concubines. But there was only one woman he truly adored who remained forever in his heart, the Queen of Sheba. Sheba longed for her soulmate;she wanted a companion who could meet her as an equal on every level---in wisdom, emotionally, spiritually and passionately." quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach

We had always admired the Queen of Sheba and learned of her through the beautiful stories of King Solomon. He loved her as he loved no other and she was glamorous, yet simple, kind, authentic, real and she knew how to truly and deeply Love~

In studying her in depth, we came up with 7steps where we can all claim our own inner Queen of Sheba, For yes, dear ones, we each are our own glorious queens. And yes, she even had her own unique beauty routines~ We love that :)

 1. Get in touch with your own unique loving. Get to know yourself, relish in your uniqueness, love "all" your flaws, all of you. Feel it, claim it--- bring all of your heart into you first~ Queen of Sheba knew her worth and knew first and foremost the depth of her heart and she claimed it all.


2. Become comfortable in your own skin. Embrace your likes, the things you just really love to do...Dance in the rain if that moves you, be quirky, be You with no apologizes. Queen of Sheba had a beautiful full life before she met Solomon--- with deep love for her family and friends. She did fun things that gave her great joy in nature, the lands, with the seasons. She radiated from her joy of self.


3. Hold strong in your truth, follow the energy of your heart and also bring mindfulness and discernment to your life. Hold for the one that is --- the one. The Queen of Sheba knew when she gave her heart, all would be transformed, including herself. So she like Solomon... choose wisely~


4. And when you love, love with your whole heart, love with rawness, realness, passion and truth. Aim for the communion of souls. The Queen of Sheba once she gave over her heart to Solomon, he knew she loved him as no other....ever~


5. Dress in your beauty, explore your unique beauty in dress. Have no limits except those you impose. Dress in a way that enhances you and expresses You in your beauty. The Queen of Sheba once she gave of her heart to Solomon held back no barriers to express to him and to commune with him through dress.


6. Enhance your facial features, your eyes, your radiance, your beauty. The Queen of Sheba when she came to Solomon's lands brought with her soft Kohl to line her eyes, ointment for her eyelashes and pigments to enhance those eyelashes. She loved pampering herself and getting ready for her Love and in return pampering him~

7.She also adored taking precious care of herself with daily Ormus baths as well as Ormus face milk With amazing elements that feed nourish our skin from the inside out. After regular use, skin appears tighter, more glowing and luminous with less dryness and lines. The Elixir for magical facial beauty, Guaranteed~


So beauties, you're not second best. You're descended from an ancient, sacred lineage; the daughters of Sheba & Cleopatra. Stand tall girlfriend, claim your beauty, your deep love, your love of Life and... your magnificent crown~

Quantum Products by Luminous Beauty

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Hot Lashes 3 Steps on How to Get Gorgeous Lashes~!

Get gorgeous Hot Lashes the most beautiful lashes~!  Fabulous eyelashes are the Ultimate accessory! Here the 3 steps from our Pros to help you achieve the look.

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From Hot Lashes, bridging Sacred Beauty w/Science 7 easy steps

www.HotLashes sacred beauty tips


The Bridging of Sacred beauty with Science has long been a age old secret. Mystics, poets, philosophers have all exalted about the innate divine beauty within each woman and the unique way to bring that forward into a Luminious conteneance.

As a company that relishes in Luminous Beauty proven beauty products and with a Founder who has a Doctorate spiritual science degree in Sacred beauty, here are our 7 steps to the marriaging of your sacred beauty to your true inner and outer beauty.

Step 1: Take some time daily to get to know your true inner divine nature. It can be as simple as tuning into your heart & people, animals, places of nature where you feel your heart expand. Allow that to live evermore inside of you. Feel it, own it, know it~ Studies have shown our sustained emotional states create our realities coupled with our thoughts.

Step 2: Enjoy and relish in our beautiful 12 minute guided meditation, easy to follow, on Awakening your cosmic beauty on this website listening as you awaken even more to the beauty that is you, divine and sacred.

Step 3: Take a leisure calming bath, exfoliating all old skin cells from your body and face, letting all debris go~ Our favorite is a argan oil mixed with baking soda mixture rubbed gently over body and face. Wash off revealing new clean glowing skin.

Step 4: Apply now a state of the art glowing bronzer to face only, as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Our favorite is a bronzer made of minerals soon to be debuted on our website.

Step 5: Our company Luminous Beauty has a scientific patented heated lash curler Hot Lashes, that opens up the eyes, with the upsweep of the eyelashes, revealing more beauty in your eyes and eyecolor. To order

Step 6: Apply only a dab of our patended mascara to darken the lashes accuenating your eye color. You can also apply our Hot Lashes 3 PC eyeliner kit for a evening smokey eye look.

Step 7: Apply a lip shade as close to your own natural lip color as well. A dab of argan oil on top can also add as healthy natural gloss.

We have witessed woman being transformed by these easy 7 steps marrying Sacred beauty with some simple scientific beauty steps.

~We adore you, honor you and bless you~ All of us at

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5 steps to Inner & Outer Beauty with Beauty meditation

Awakening Cosmic beauty for Inner and Outer Glow~ 

1. Start each day with cleaning up your inner and outer life. This can be as easy as taking stock of what in your life works for you and what does not~ Weed out gently those areas that pull on you, be it judgements towards anyone or anything and step up into forgiveness for all your life. Trusting your life is as it need be~ Then take a deep Breathe~ yea......

2. If you can, meditate daily atleast 10 minutes, going inward and getting in touch with the beauty divine center which is You. Giving thanks for all you are and all in your life. Go out in Nature daily~! Commune with the magic, the sweeteness of the Presence that is all around. And remember to be Present~! With all your family, your loved ones, your love...Love them where they are as they are, yourself included~! Free meditation here created by our Founder,

3. Take sweet and gentle care of your Hair, Skin, Eyelashes and Lips. Exfoliate atleast 3 times a week, your skin all over your body, paying particlar attention to your face. Let your natural inner glow pour forth from your skin. Opt for less makeup and more You in your radiance.

4. For your beautiful eyelashes, treat them delicatley...We recommend our Hot Lashes eyelash nightime treatment. Award winning formula that feeds and condition your eyelashes. Our customer favorite~! increases health and the beautiful look of your eyelashes. All at

5. Daily aim to Give of yourself to others from your overflow. The true overflow of You as the Love you are. ~ Give of your quality time, receive quality time from others. Bask in this presence of who you are. Trusting in the right people being in your life at the right time~ Giving is always rewarded when giving from the beautiful radiance of who you are. A kind word, a smile can do wonders and a soft touch has been know to help open up the spirit in someone...

We adore you all our beauties~ Take sweet care of your self as you embrace your inner radiance and truly see and appreciate your outer glow~

And our gift to you from our Founder a short 7 minute Meditation on Awakening Your Cosmic Beauty~ Here:

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From Hot Lashes Happy New Radiant You in 2017~! 10 Steps to Natural Beauty

Hot Lashes by Luminous Beauty Natural Radiance 2017




As Hot Lashes by Luminous Beauty, we have been pondering the steps and the glorious-ness of Inner and outer radiance for years~ Since we as a company tout "Luminous" in our company name...We love radiance, live for radiance and treasure radiance. We came up with 10 steps to a a more radiant you--- inner and outer. Take a look, explore, see if any of this resonates for you~


1. Radiance really starts with a truly rested good nights sleep. Arrange your bed, your sheets, your pillows. Soft fresh sheets and good pillows are crucial, make sure you love getting into your bed, so that you are ensured deep rest. A good hour before sleep, slow down, let go of the day, relish the good, the love that showed up that day. Turn down the lights, take a bath, light a candle and get ready for a glorious night sleep.

2. Awaken as softly as you can, if you have an alarm, set for a soft favorite song that then builds. How we awake is as important as how we go to sleep.

3. If you can allow for this in your morning routine, we highly suggest as least 10-15 minutes of mediation, before you start you day. Chant a tone or mantra that lifts you, settling your mind, gets you settled and prepared for a glorious radiant day.

4. Start with a cleansing routine to thoroughly clean your face from your nights rest. If you can, exfoliate your skin of any dead skin cells, we love the Clarisonic facial machine for this. Or you can use coconut oil mixed in with sea salt and rub gently over your beautiful face. and then rinse thoroughly. After apply your favorite daytime moisturizer and as you look at yourself in the mirror, always be open to seeing your unique beauty---See You as radiant~ Call it forth from within you~ awaken your own sleeping beauty~

5. We love a natural and simple makeup routine for day, we suggest to forgo face makeup/foundation and instead apply slightly a under eye concealer, like Hot Lashes Vanish concealer if needed to cover any and all redness around the eyes. Letting your own radiant skin shine through~

6. Apply lightly a soft eyeliner to accentuate your eye shape. Keep it simple and natural~ Chose a soft black, brown or charcoal. Our 3 PC Hot Lashes eyeliner Kit is wonderful for this with a all day sealer, our customers favorite. Available at

7. Curl your beautiful lashes with the Hot Lashes curling system. We have found this simple procedure of just softly curling your lashes truly opens up your eyes, for a more wide awake look. Again marvel at the beauty of your eyes and really See your radiance~

8. For Evening and if you want to darken your lashes, apply a coat of really good mascara, like our Patented Hot Lashes Lasting curl mascara  to your upper and bottom lashes, again focus seeing your inner beauty come alive~

9.. Finally apply a natural soft lip color with a natural lip liner to accentuate your lips and smile. Go with just one shade darker than your natural lip color. Again, go for your own natural beauty to come through.

10. Then step out into your day, seeing your radiant being, Smile your beautiful smile and extend appreciation for your life, your beauty, your family and all you encounter. Your radiance, your essence will be all around you~

Suggestion to try this and see how it works for you and remember, gratefullness is so key.

One of our favorite quotes by a beautiful Mystic. " If the only prayer you said every day was Thank you, that would be enough..." Meister Ekhart~ Germany

We adore you beauties, from all of us at Luminous Beauty~ Happy Blessed 2017~!


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From Hotlashes The Gold affair with Smokey Eyes

Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler

~Hot Lashes and Gold! Take your eye makeup techniques one step forward with our perfect beauty blog. If there is any color that fits perfectly with everyone in the makeup world, it is Gold! Whether you are dark, pale, gold will look good on you. For this very reason, we bring you the newest tricks to kick your look up a mark so that you walk in style at your next party and flaunt away.

We will show you the different styles of incorporating gold in the smokey eyes and how it can look classy, soft or bold. We also have a small section on 'how to do it' for those who haven’t tried smokey eyes before!

Let's get started.smokey eye makeup may seem rather traditional but observe the hint of Gold instead of the gray or silver. By adding gold instead of silver, the whole style becomes bolder and noticeable. Brace it with a ravishing lip color, and you will be good to go.

Pamper yourself with the best shimmery look of this season. Bring out the charisma in your overall appearance by painting your eyes black on the outer edges and filling them in with gold glitter. Curl your lashes with Hot Lashes Gold eyelash curler all at and seal them with your glossy gel eyeliner. Match your nails by applying the gold glitter nail polish.

If you don’t want your makeup to be too flashy, check out this amazing matte style.The Mojave Delight is the ultimate dinner party look as it is subtle and bold. When paired with the golden highlighter for cheeks, the whole face will glow like never before.

The Bold and Beautiful! If you are a strong career woman who wants everything her way, this look is perfect for you. This look will only appear classy on women who can carry it well.To achieve this style, place a small piece of tape on the outer corner in a slant position until it touches your brows. Start painting your inner corner of the eye with white dust, gradually applying the bronze shade. On the outer corner dab your brush with black eye shadow and blend it well. Simply dab on gold glitter next to the white shadow, apply kohl, eyeliner, and mascara.

Our Hot Lashes 3 PC eyeliner Kit with all day sealer is perfect for this. All at

Tip: Do apply loose powder under the eyes so that your kohl doesn’t drip down.

By Jennifer Kurtz~

Blessings to all our beauties from all of us at


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