6 Glorious Steps to a Beautiful 2019 Autumn~


~ " From Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler~ Solomon had 300 hundred wives and 700 hundred concubines. But there was only one woman who had awakened cosmic beauty, who he truly adored who remained forever in his heart, the Queen of Sheba. Sheba longed for her soulmate;she wanted a companion who could meet her as an equal on every level---in wisdom, emotionally, spiritually and passionately." 

We had always admired the luminous beauty of the Queen of Sheba and learned of her through the beautiful stories of King Solomon. He loved her as he loved no other and she was glamorous, yet simple, kind, authentic, with a real luminous Beauty.

In studying her, we came up with 6 attributes where we can all claim our own inner Queen of Sheba, For yes, dear ones, we each are our own glorious queens. And yes, she even had her own unique beauty routines~ We love that :)

 1. Get in touch with your own unique loving. Get to know yourself, relish in your uniqueness, love "all" your flaws, all of you. Feel it, claim it--- bring all of your heart into you first~ Queen of Sheba knew her worth and knew first and foremost the depth of her heart and she claimed it all.

 2. Become comfortable in your own skin. Embrace your likes, the things you just really love to do...Dance in the rain if that moves you, be quirky, be You with no apologizes. Queen of Sheba had a beautiful full life before she met Solomon--- with deep love for her family and friends. She did fun things that gave her great joy in nature, the lands, with the seasons. She radiated from her joy of self.

 3. Hold strong in your truth, follow the energy of your heart and also bring mindfulness and discernment to your life. Hold for the one that is --- the one. The Queen of Sheba knew when she gave her heart, All would be transformed, including herself. So she like Solomon... choose wisely~

4. And when you love, love with your whole heart, love with rawness, realness, passion and truth. Aim for the communion of souls, awakening cosmic beauty. The Queen of Sheba once she gave over her heart to Solomon, he knew she loved him as no other....ever~

5. Enhance your facial features, your eyes, your radiance, your beauty. The Queen of Sheba when she came to Solomon's lands brought with her soft Kohl to line her eyes, like our all day eyeliner sealer, ointment for her eyelashes like our eyelash serum and pigments to enhance those eyelashes. She oiled her face and body daily & we feel she would have loved the Skin Brightening Oil, available here  https://hotlashes.com/collections/luminous-quantum-healing-products/products/brightening-oil-for-face-body

6. She also adored taking precious care of herself with daily Ormus baths as well as the best powder Ormus, an Elixir for an inner and outer glow. Guaranteed~

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 So beauties, you're not second best. You're descended from an ancient, sacred lineage; the daughters of Sheba & Cleopatra. Stand tall girlfriend, claim your awakening cosmic beauty, your deep love, your love of Life and... your magnificent crown~

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