Straight from the Runways! The Best Fall Beauty trends in 5 easy steps!

From the creators of Hot Lashes and Luminous Beauty Quantum products, 5 easy Beauty trends to discover to achieve a more lasting natural beauty look and glow!

Step #1

Start with a glowing face, using a mixture of 1 teaspoon baking soda with facial cleansing oil to remove all impurities and exfoliating your skin. We suggest our latest Brightening Oil with flower extracts. Once we felt this on our skin and saw the results we could not believe our eyes! Flawless skin and over time diminishes freckles, age discoloration and improves skin's pores. Product at

Step # 2

To reduce puffiness and fine lines, apply a small dab of our Eight Hour line eraser. Just a small amount at corners of eyes, under eyes and around lower face to erase all lines for up to 8 hours. Can take 10 years off your face almost  instantly. Product at

Step #3

To really open the eyes, Our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler, lifts your lashes and sets your curl for all day. You appear more wide awake with open beautiful eyes. Our #1 Hero product selling hundreds of thousands of kits worldwide. Product

Step #4

Adding liner to your eyes really accentuates your eye color and brightness of your eyes. Our 3 PC eyeliner kit with All day sealer does the trick gloriously!. And a added benefit of using the eyeliner sealer, add just a drop to your favorite eye shadow to create another shade of liner around your eyes.. Product at

Step # 5

An out of the box, beauty addition that we really love is our New white powder a Master Alchemist. Ormus is a powder that acts as a elixir from within, upgrading one's Light body creating a beautiful and natural inner glow. Effects are subtle and yet our staff have noticed tremendous benefits taken over time. Product at

 Blessings to you all~ We are always looking for the best, tried and true beauty products and will be doing weekly Blogs with more Tips and Treasures~!