From Hot Lashes~ Beautiful Summer Eyelashes in 3 easy steps

We love the natural look of beautifully curled eyelashes for the Summertime~ And 3 easy steps for the most glorious summer look~
1. At night condition your eyelashes with a Eyelash Treatment. This can also be used during the day at the beach, around a pool, whenever you go during your day wearing no makeup~ We have great reviews on our Hot Lashes Nightime EyeLash Treatment. On sale now click here
2. For a all day beautifully curled eyelash look, our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler with 24K gold plated curler and seperate safe heater base, that warms ONLY the silicone pad in our eyelash curler. And ladies, warning, please do not use a blow dryer to heat a curler~! This overhears the entire metal curler and may be harmful..Caution~! Always Safety first~
3. Once curled beautifully apply a coat of our Hot Lashes Lasting curl mascara to add pigment and length to your lashes~ Click here
With beautifully curled eyelashes and that wide awake look you will appear more youthful and radiant and no need for eyeliners, just beautiful eyelashes, a good SPF for face and light soft lipstick is all you need~
Have a beautiful and safe Summer beauties, Love. Celebrate. Rejoice You~
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10 Steps to a More Radiant Glow by Hot Lashes Luminous Beauty~

Hot Lashes Radiant Luminous Beauty


As Hot Lashes by Luminous Beauty, we have been pondering the steps and the glorious-ness of Inner and outer radiance for years~ Since we as a company tout "Luminous" in our company name...We love radiance, live for radiance and treasure radiance. We came up with 10 steps to a a more radiant you--- inner and outer. Take a look, explore, see if any of this resonates for you~


1. Radiance really starts with a truly rested good nights sleep. Arrange your bed, your sheets, your pillows. Soft sheets and good pillows are crucial, make sure you love getting into your bed, so that you are ensured deep rest. A good hour before sleep, slow down, let go of the day, relish the good, the love that showed up that day. Turn down the lights, take a bath, light a candle and get ready for a glorious night sleep.

2. Awaken as softly as you can, if you have an alarm, set for a soft favorite song that then builds. How we awake is as important as how we go to sleep.

3. If you can allow for this in your morning routine, we highly suggest as least 10 minutes of mediation, before you start you day. Chant a tone or mantra that lifts you, settling your mind, gets you settled and prepared for a glorious radiant day.

4. Start with a cleansing routine to thoroughly clean your face from your nights rest. If you can, exfoliate your skin of any dead skin cells, we love the Clarisonic facial machine for this. Or you can use coconut oil mixed in with sea salt and rub gently over your beautiful face. and then rinse thoroughly. After apply your favorite daytime moisturizer and as you look at yourself in the mirror, always be open to seeing your unique beauty---See You as radiant~ Call it forth from within you~ awaken your own sleeping beauty~

5. We love a natural and simple makeup routine for day, we suggest to forgo face makeup/foundation and instead apply slightly a under eye concealer, like Hot Lashes Vanish concealer if needed to cover any and all redness around the eyes. Letting your own radiant skin shine through~

6. Apply lightly a soft eyeliner to accentuate your eye shape. Keep it simple and natural~ Chose a soft black, brown or charcoal. Our 3 PC Hot Lashes eyeliner Kit is wonderful for this with a all day sealer, our customers favorite.

7. Curl your beautiful lashes with the Hot Lashes curling system. We have found this simple procedure of just softly curling your lashes truly opens up your eyes, for a more wide awake look. Again marvel at the beauty of your eyes and really See your radiance~ 

8. For Evening and if you want to darken your lashes, apply a coat of really good mascara, like our Patented Hot Lashes Lasting curl mascara  to your upper and bottom lashes, again focus seeing your inner beauty come alive~

9.. Finally apply a natural soft lip color with a natural lip liner to accentuate your lips and smile. Go with just one shade darker than your natural lip color. Again, go for your own natural beauty to come through.

10. Then step out into your day, seeing your radiant being, Smile your beautiful smile and extend appreciation for your life, your beauty, your family and all you encounter. Your radiance, your essence will be all around you~

Suggestion to try this and see how it works for you and remember, gratefull-ness is so key.

One of our favorite quotes by a beautiful Mystic. " If the only prayer you said every day was Thank you, that would be enough..." Meister Ekhart~ Germany

We adore you beauties, from all of us at Luminous Beauty~

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From Hot Lashes~ How to achieve Gorgeous Lashes with look of Lash extensions~!

From! The Natural way to create long lasting curled eyelashes for a open eyed beautiful look with the Hot Lashes line of products for the Look of gorgeous, lush and natural eyelash extensions.~ on Sale now ~ all at

Spring 2016 is the year to Highlight, Spotlight on the eyes, More than ever before~

The 3 step easy way to create this beautiful look of False eyelashes naturally ~

1. First curl your eyelashes with our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. Just using this one process as your first step with gentle warmth to the eyelash curler sets the curl for all day~click here to see Hot Lashes system~

2. Once curled apply our Patented Hot Lashes Lasting curl mascara, our new formula is water resistant and dries quicker to assist in holding the curl, for when mascara's are too wet the eyelash curl may droop. Click here for Hot Lashes Lasting Curl Mascara.

3. Once mascara is quickly dried, apply our Hot Lashes Pump up primer fibers. Apply a light coat, they will go on white so you can see where you are applying and once dried, they dry clear. Then for added fullness and length, apply another coat of Hot Lashes lasting curl mascara, apply and reapply this same method as needed for the Length and fullness you desire~! Click here for Hot Lashes Pump up primer fibers~

This whole process takes only minutes and creates the most beautiful look of naturally curled eyelashes with the look of eyelash extensions. Only they are all Your Lashes~!

~ We adore you beauties and want to consistently give you the best and most effective beauty tips, so your natural inner beauty always shines through~

From all of us at


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From Hot Lashes~ 5 Steps to that precious Inner and Outer Beauty Glow



~ As a company Hot we strive to look for ways each day, to step up to and to expand our inner and outer beauty radiance. Here are 5 easy steps to start~

1. Start each day with cleaning up your inner and outer life. This can be as easy as taking stock of what in your life works for you and what does not~ Weed out gently those areas that pull on you, be it judgements towards anyone or anything and step up into forgiveness for all your life. Trusting your life is as it need be~ Then take a deep Breathe~ yea......

2. If you can, meditate daily atleast 10 minutes, going inward and getting in touch with the beauty divine center which is You. Giving thanks for all you are and all in your life. Go out in Nature daily~! Commune with the magic, the sweeteness of the Presence that is all around. And remember to be Present~! With all your family, your loved ones, your love...Love them where they are as they are, yourself included~!

3. Take sweet and gentle care of your Hair, Skin, Eyelashes and Lips. Exfoliate atleast 3 times a week, your skin all over your body, paying particlar attention to your face. Let your natural inner glow pour forth from your skin. Opt for less makeup and more You in your radiance.

4. For your beautiful eyelashes, treat them delicatley...We recommend our Hot Lashes eyelash nightime treatment. Award winning formula that feeds and condition your eyelashes. Our customer favorite~! increases health and the beautiful look of your eyelashes. All at

5. Daily aim to Give of yourself to others from your overflow. The true overflow of You as the Love you are. ~ Give of your quality time, receive quality time from others. Bask in this presence of who you are. Trusting in the right people being in your life at the right time~ Giving is always rewarded when giving from the beautiful radiance of who you are. A kind word, a smile can do wonders and a soft touch has been know to help open up the spirit in someone...

We adore you all our beauties~ Take sweet care of your self as you embrace your inner radiance and See your outer glow~

A beautiful quote about presence and love from Herman Hesse.

"She stood before him and surrendered herself to him and sky, forest, and brook all came toward him in new and resplendent colors, belonged to him, and spoke to him in his own language. And instead of merely winning a woman he embraced the entire world and every star in heaven glowed within him and sparkled with joy in his soul. He had loved and had found himself. But most people love to lose themselves..." Herman Hesse

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From Hot Lashes 5 Steps to upgrade your Life, your beauty~

Welcome 2016, glorious time to upgrade our beauty, our life, our loving. From all of us at

5 easy tried and true steps to begin the upgrades~! Follow us along beauties~

Step 1* Lets upgrade our drink and food intake. Hydrate is always better, to cleanse and purify. We recommend, always start with great water and we prefer lemon water with small dash pink hymalyn salt. Next, plenty of greeny leafy vegetables, they can be juiced and or eaten raw in salades and or great Soups~! Our latest fav ~ Take broth of turkey or chicken and add fresh cilantro chopped up, diced celery, carrots, mushrooms and let simmer. Drink, eat throughour the day, the benfits of cilantro, celery in broth is cleansing and hydrating. Your skin will love you for it~

Step 2* Of course we know New year blogs always brings up exercise as must, however, we encourage you to upgrade your exercise routine...Make sure it is a exercise you Love, that will engage you all year long~where you can play. We love hiking with great music we can dance to as we hike, we also love dance~! We love working with weights in rooms that have kick ass great music...Actually for us Any exercise that involves Music we are all in...did we mention we love music, smiles~

Step 3* Revamp your style...reinvent your Look. Now that you are on track with hydrated skin, toned body, re-look at your clothes. Which colors make you glow? bring our the beauty in you? What makes you happy to be in your own skin. We love all things black and of course, we love adding some color that brings out our eyes and skin tone. And lastly beauties, make sure your clothes fit you~! Fit your beautiful body~ Tailored to your body is crucial and be epic in showing your form~

Step 4* Re-look and upgrade your makeup routine...We suggest wearing eyeliners that bring out your unique eye color and make your beautiful eyes Pop. Suggestion~ we have a beautiful set of Hot Lashes 3 pc eyeliner kits with different liner color/shades for this very purpose. All at and of course coupled with our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler, a stellar combo~

Step 5* We love this upgrade for your life~ works everytime...Give anonymously..Declutter your home, your closet and give to others...Do things for others, extend where they will not know it was you. Give to your loves, past and present...Blessings go along way, extend your heart anonymously. Practice the presence of silent blessings~ What we receive back in inner beauty cannot be measured~ 

~ All of us at Hot Lashes wish you and yours the greatest of all blessings this New Year of 2016 and may all you see and touch be warmed by your loving beauty~

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By Hot Lashes Luminous Beauty, a Radiant New Years 10 steps to pure Beauty Bliss

~ From all of us at Hot Lashes Luminous beauty~ 10 Beauty steps~ Oh la la, that Magical time of the year we all love, the completion of one year and the new beginnings of the next, which can be our Best Year Yet 2016~ Our 10 inner and outer beauty steps to ring in the New Year in much anticipated Bliss and radiance, all for you beauties~

Step 1` Purge out and access the old year~ Make a list of High points, Low points for 2015. Write out in detail your learnings, your growth, your numerous blessings...This step important to take sweet time to do~

Step 2' On seperate piece of paper make of list of feelings, mistakes, any judgements, anything at all that no longer serves you .Once completed, and if possible take time with this, tear in shreds and burn, baby burn. Suggestion to burn in a fireplace, or burn in a save environment, great ritual~  And as you see burn and smoke going in air, Exhale deeply as you let it all GO~ ahhhh~ 

Step 3' Breathe in the newness, relishing in gratitude for the learnings this past year and for the people who assisted you in these learnings. Extending a loving energy to each and every one, forgive as best you can, including your self as well~ Loving is always the best for you and for them~ Loving energy extended heals and regenerates more inner and outer beauty.

Step'4  Now, Let go of the old within your body. Soak in a epson salt bath, we recommend Lavender scented epson salt baths for atleast 15 minutes. Envisioning old thoughts, any stuck energy in your body releasing...more ahhhs~

Step 5' Great now to exfoliate your body and face~ For body use great loofah or a hand mit for this purpose, scrubbing and any all dead skin cells on the surface down the drain. Go baby go~...For face we love the Clarisonic brush and a less expensive alternative is make a baking soda paste. Mix 1 Tbsp baking soda in palm of hand and mix with water to form a paste. Rub along face for amazing skin rejuvenating properties. Natural alternative to revealing more clear glowing skin~ p.s. for added benefit, play your favorite music in background...smiles.

Step 6' Use lightly a Oil spray once out of bath to cover entire body. We recommend a lightly scented musk oil spray. Men really like this scent and we recommend if you have a partner, do for each other...:)

Step 7' Dress up time~ For New Years, we just love Gold...Gold touches in makeup. gold touches in dress, whether casual and or more formal. This is a super special night, gold represents newness, a glowing nature,  a welcomng in of New and a even better year~ and we love, adore the gold lace fingerless gloves our model wears. Must have's for us this year~ yep...

Step 8' Beauty face time, we get raves about our Hot Lashes 10 Piece Beauty Collection that contains everything a girl needs for this special night....all available at our website One can look naturaly beautiful with very little makeup and beautifully curled eyelashes~! We hear the reviews.

Step 9' For your eyelashes prior to NY Eve, use our Hot Lashes nourishing oil treatment at night for atleast 7 days. The treatment conditons your lashes and prepares them for the most beautiful look of full lashes. Customers send us comments that our Hot Lashes oil treatment is such major food for their lashes and they love the gorgeous look and feel of their lashes...~ Our promise...

Step 10' And lastly, if by chance you have too much bubbly the night before. A great hydrating drink. Take a pitcher of eally good filtered water, add 1 lemon cut into eighths and a tiny dash of pink hymalayn ground sea salt. Donot squeeze lemon juice, only add lemon pieces,salt and drink all day~ Great drink known for hydration, removing any bloating, toxin flush and generally feels so good...Hint beauties, Make this drink one of your beauty resolutions daily....You will not be disappointed...It is now one of ours~

So there you have it~ Just some of our beauty suggestions for a radiant you in 2016. Remember to give, to always love... to live in gratitude for even the tiniest things, to forgive and to glow from within. You are born from the Stars and glowing is your natural state~ 

Be safe beauties, take Sweet care of yourselves and each other...Lets rock 2016~

Blessings from all of us at Luminous Beauty...

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From Hot Lashes 9 qualities that make women beautiful~

All women are beautiful and just as a reminder of the many ways you are, a List of 9 things men tell us they love about us that make us so beautiful in their eyes~

1. Our Smile...There is a familiar saying that goes something like this “A smile is the cheapest way to enhance your appearance” and it’s true. Some of us are so self-conscious of our smiles for whatever reason. Who cares? When we smile it’s not anything else that people are noticing, it’s the warmth of your soul.

2. Our Kindness...Baking cookies for the neighbour, holding the door open for someone, offering to run an errand for a busy family member or any other simple little act of kindness. When she does it with a smile that makes her even more beautiful.

3. Our Self confidence...She has so much she glows. She knows how to handle herself in any situation and is happy to help anyone who needs a confidence boost too! She’s been through a lot and it hasn’t tarnished her, it’s made her shine.

4. Our gentle touch...She loves to extend the gentle, loving and caring act of the healing touch. A soft touch of the hand, the cheek, the shoulder or a loving pat on the back. She knows the touch is very comforting and she’s more than happy to offer it. For touch at the right time can open up the spirit in a person and she relishes the opportunity.

5. Our uniqueness...She doesn’t try to fit in or follow the crowd. She has her own beliefs and thoughts about things and loves to share them. She is gentle about it, in fact, her uniqueness makes her especially mysterious and beautiful.

6. Our selflessness...She takes time to nurture and care for herself first and foremost, and that’s apparent in her self-confidence, but she always has time to give to others with no condtions  She helps out when she can and in serving others, she glows.

7. Our super fierce and undeniable. She has many interests but a strong passion to a select few and you’ll know what they are. Even though she is juggling work, life, family, she still finds time to pursue her passion and she has passion for all aspects of life. Nature, the seasons, children, family and Love.

8. Our child like attitude...She’s not afraid to act silly and release her inner child. She is quite happy watching 3D movies with kids, blowing bubbles with a bubble maker, or eating Fruit Loops for dinner. She knows it’s important to be silly sometimes too. And she loves to, play, play ~

9. Our eyes...Our eyes are the windows to our souls. When we look directly at a person when we are talking, our eyes do a lot of talking as well. They speak of love, kindness, gentleness and trust. Men love looking into our eyes and seeing the rawness, realness, nakedness of who we are. And love it when our eyes dance back.

We also hear from men that they love us when we are natural and real in our beauty routines, so we encourage you to comb through our site and see the many beauty products we have that assist in revealing your true beauty.~

All of the above with the correct use of beauty products just makes you irrestible~ and men love you for it~ Take our word....

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Inspired Lasting Eyelash Beauty by Hot Lashes 5 steps~

From Hot Lashes eyelash curlers, we've done the homework for you, discovered the 5 easy steps to create the most inspired and gorgeous lashes By Far"  One of Amazon's all star favorites with rave reviews.

Lets start off first step 1, with great long natural lashes so we suggest nightly:

Step 1: Use a Eyelash condtioner treatment that stimulates eyelash growth while it also softens your lashes. We suggest our Hot Lashes nightime lash treatment at Suggestion to use nightly for several weeks to see beautiful results~

Step 2: In morning curl your clean eyelashes with our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler 2 pc kit with 24K gold plated curler. This simple method sets the curl of your lashes using mild warmth for all day- Customers favorite kit, with great reviews..All at

Step 3: Apply a coat of mascara over curled lashes, we prefer Hot Lashes Lasting curl mascara with its unique formula that is quick dry so lash curl stays upsweeping.

Step 4: Once dry after a few seconds, apply a quick dry Eyelash primer/fibers. We suggest our Hot Lashes Pump Up fibers to layer in between layers of mascara for that added length and thickness to eyelashes~ You can see more at

Step 5: In vening to remove, you can also once again use the Hot Lashes Nightime treatment to clean eyelashes and also get that added conditoning effect...We also offer on our site the 4 pc Ultimate Lash kit on special at

Following these steps, you will have the most beautiful lasting eyelashes that mirror expensive eyelash extensions~! guaranteed..

Bless you beauties, from all of us at


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Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler vs Spa applied Eyelash extensions Review


Alot of us at HotLashes decided to take the plunge and do an experiment and have applied professionally, eyelash extensions. To actually go through the process and see the results as lots of celebrities have this done before a big event, We decided to be the guinea pigs and share our process...

1. First off the costs was $250-350 and took over 2 hours to apply as we laid on our backs and told not to speak while technician applied tiny long lashes to our lashes using a black glue. Refills by the way need to be applied every 2-3 weeks at a cost of $75.

2. The results were stunning, long thick black eyelashes with just an occasional sting around eye as glue was applied, but hey the price for beauty~

3. We were then told we could no longer sleep on our side, for side sleeping can bend the lashes...oh okay~ as  we resisted the urge during the night to get into that comfy side pillow position~ on our back it would be...

4. First night a bear and we all came into the office next morning exhausted from sleeping on our backs and fighting the urge in the middle of the night, you get in that comfy fetal position. Still our eyelashes looked amazing, upswept, thick long lashes, big eyes...

5. By the third day, our lash curl started to drop a tad, so we decided to just Test, using our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler with its non stick pad ONLY on the tips, to keep that upswept curl..we held it there for a few seconds and .It worked~! and we promised not to tell our lash extension technician. Our secret~!

6 By second week, waking up in the morning with a few lashes on our face. sleeping on our backs and seeing we are all possibly due soon for that refill appt. But oh how we so liked the look of the upswept curling eyelashes~!

7. Our mutual consensus soon after was that the maintence and the costs were a bit much even for us beauty junkies.

8. So we decided to use the Hot Lashes Beautiful Eyes Kit with the Pump up fibers, Lasting curl mascara and see if we could duplicate the look for less $ and less maintence..Viola~! it worked...

So tonight as we drip off to sleep, in slumber on our sides..:) we now know, the beauty of lash extensions and how we can create the same look for alot less with as much eyelash beauty...Night night~

Hot Lashes Beautiful Eyes Kit can be found at 


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Why heating your eyelash curler is a Top Makeup Artist tip by Hot Lashes

For years Top Makeup Artists have been sharing their secrets with their clients: To heat you eyelash curler before use, for they found mild safe heat when curling eyelashes assists holding the eyelash curl for longer periods of time~

Our founder Alexandra while working alongside Top makeup artist learned of this amazing tip. Together with top engineers in the beauty field, she Patented the first ever of its kind, safe easy to use, device that heats just the silicone pad in the Hot Lashes 24k Gold curler.

Why this method works so well~ Heat has been known to curl hair, hence, heated hair rollers and heated hair irons~ Most eyelashes grow straight and eyelash curlers have been a staple in a woman's beauty arsenal for years and top artists knew that heat could make a eyelash curler stellar~

And all the while, makeup artists were heating eyelash curlers with blow dryers to achieve this effect. Problems, however as the blow dryer could not regulate the heat and was unsafe and problem some.

Taking all of this into consideration, Hot Lashes was born and with its 90 seconds smart timer, the fast, safe and easy way to heat an eyelash curler precisely, so your straight lashes hold a long lasting curl for all day~!.

So ladies, heat your eyelash curler for that lasting curl and we suggest using the award winning Hot Lashes heated eyelash curling method All at

Blessings to your beauty and beautiful eyes~

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