By Hot Lashes Luminous Beauty, a Radiant New Years 10 steps to pure Beauty Bliss

~ From all of us at Hot Lashes Luminous beauty~ 10 Beauty steps~ Oh la la, that Magical time of the year we all love, the completion of one year and the new beginnings of the next, which can be our Best Year Yet 2016~ Our 10 inner and outer beauty steps to ring in the New Year in much anticipated Bliss and radiance, all for you beauties~

Step 1` Purge out and access the old year~ Make a list of High points, Low points for 2015. Write out in detail your learnings, your growth, your numerous blessings...This step important to take sweet time to do~

Step 2' On seperate piece of paper make of list of feelings, mistakes, any judgements, anything at all that no longer serves you .Once completed, and if possible take time with this, tear in shreds and burn, baby burn. Suggestion to burn in a fireplace, or burn in a save environment, great ritual~  And as you see burn and smoke going in air, Exhale deeply as you let it all GO~ ahhhh~ 

Step 3' Breathe in the newness, relishing in gratitude for the learnings this past year and for the people who assisted you in these learnings. Extending a loving energy to each and every one, forgive as best you can, including your self as well~ Loving is always the best for you and for them~ Loving energy extended heals and regenerates more inner and outer beauty.

Step'4  Now, Let go of the old within your body. Soak in a epson salt bath, we recommend Lavender scented epson salt baths for atleast 15 minutes. Envisioning old thoughts, any stuck energy in your body releasing...more ahhhs~

Step 5' Great now to exfoliate your body and face~ For body use great loofah or a hand mit for this purpose, scrubbing and any all dead skin cells on the surface down the drain. Go baby go~...For face we love the Clarisonic brush and a less expensive alternative is make a baking soda paste. Mix 1 Tbsp baking soda in palm of hand and mix with water to form a paste. Rub along face for amazing skin rejuvenating properties. Natural alternative to revealing more clear glowing skin~ p.s. for added benefit, play your favorite music in background...smiles.

Step 6' Use lightly a Oil spray once out of bath to cover entire body. We recommend a lightly scented musk oil spray. Men really like this scent and we recommend if you have a partner, do for each other...:)

Step 7' Dress up time~ For New Years, we just love Gold...Gold touches in makeup. gold touches in dress, whether casual and or more formal. This is a super special night, gold represents newness, a glowing nature,  a welcomng in of New and a even better year~ and we love, adore the gold lace fingerless gloves our model wears. Must have's for us this year~ yep...

Step 8' Beauty face time, we get raves about our Hot Lashes 10 Piece Beauty Collection that contains everything a girl needs for this special night....all available at our website One can look naturaly beautiful with very little makeup and beautifully curled eyelashes~! We hear the reviews.

Step 9' For your eyelashes prior to NY Eve, use our Hot Lashes nourishing oil treatment at night for atleast 7 days. The treatment conditons your lashes and prepares them for the most beautiful look of full lashes. Customers send us comments that our Hot Lashes oil treatment is such major food for their lashes and they love the gorgeous look and feel of their lashes...~ Our promise...

Step 10' And lastly, if by chance you have too much bubbly the night before. A great hydrating drink. Take a pitcher of eally good filtered water, add 1 lemon cut into eighths and a tiny dash of pink hymalayn ground sea salt. Donot squeeze lemon juice, only add lemon pieces,salt and drink all day~ Great drink known for hydration, removing any bloating, toxin flush and generally feels so good...Hint beauties, Make this drink one of your beauty resolutions daily....You will not be disappointed...It is now one of ours~

So there you have it~ Just some of our beauty suggestions for a radiant you in 2016. Remember to give, to always love... to live in gratitude for even the tiniest things, to forgive and to glow from within. You are born from the Stars and glowing is your natural state~ 

Be safe beauties, take Sweet care of yourselves and each other...Lets rock 2016~

Blessings from all of us at Luminous Beauty...