Hot Lashes® Heated eyelash curler 5PC Beautiful Eyes Kit

$ 79.99 $ 102.00

Hot Lashes best heated eyelash curling system with 5 outstanding Beautiful Eyes products for the gorgeous look of Lash Extensions and for Brides wanting that radiant glow~

Hot Lashes Beautiful Eyes kit a Major customer Favorite for those who want longer, thicker, all day curled eyelashes. Using mild gentle warmth sets the curl of your eyelashes for all day!

Easy to get the natural look of false eyelashes and lash extensions~!

So easy to use, apply Pump up lash fibers, then our Lasting Curl mascara, let thoroughly dry, curl and discover the most beautiful lush eyelashes ever...guaranteed…!

On special the Beautiful Eyes Kit, includes 5 pieces included with the Hot Lashes AC Adaptor for electrical use~!

  Hot Lashes® Heating Unit

  24K Gold plated steel eyelash curler

  New revolutionary Pump up lash fibers with Patented quick dry mascara, all in One tube, latest New technology~

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