Hot Lashes® best heated eyelash curler Makeup Artist Kit

$ 59.99 $ 78.00

One of our Most Popular Kits, rated #1 by Top Makeup artists for the look of Lash Extensions. And by Customers alike A Beauty Cult Classic. The Holy Grail of heated eyelash curlers!

Our Makeup Artist Kit now available to our customers come with the Hot Lashes designed AC adaptor to enable your heater unit to work electrically.

With the electrical AC Adaptor heater unit get "This can't live without" eyelash innovation is perfect for curling stubborn straight eyelashes with curls that last all day. Nothing beats heat to set a curl.

Hot Lashes® Makeup Artist kit includes:

  Hot Lashes® best heating eyelash curling system heater base

  24K Gold plated Eyelash Curler with Silicone Pad

  AC Adaptor attachment for heater unit

  Set of 2 Patented Silicone Refills pads for eyelash curler

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