Hot Lashes® Best Pump Up Fibers for lash extension looks

$ 17.99 $ 24.99

Hot Lashes Pump Up Lash Fibers works great with the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler.

How do models and celebrities sprout lashes long enough to knock off their sunglasses? It's "Pump-up" Lash Fibers clump free, lash fattening fibers build up lashes with an effect like false eyelashes only more natural! Just brush these slightly wet micro fibers on between layers of mascara to the desired thickness. And Viola!

One of the Best Eyelash curler fiber products on the market, bar none! A customer cult favorite that we cannot always keep in stock.

Want more beautifully thick eyelashes, with this new eyelash moist fibers apply before mascara, let dry and it adds greater Volume, Fullness and Doubles eyelash thickness. Oh La La.

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