Hot Lashes® 8 Hour Line Eraser

$ 39.99 $ 79.99

Hot Lashes 8 Hour Line Eraser

Another Customer Favorite! Just back in stock after selling out~ Amazing product for erasing facial lines~! 8 hour line eraser, best wrinkle smoother and eraser for fine lines

Unlike any other line erasers that lessen future wrinkles, 8-Hour Line Eraser immediately removes puffiness, wrinkles and lines, sealing them away for 8 to 12 hours. We just couldn’t believer our eyes the first time we saw it. The unique proprietary formula penetrates the upper dermal layer to plump unsightly wrinkles and shrink enlarged cells to reduce puffiness. The seal is what makes it different from any other. The seal is complete in 3 minutes, smoothing away all fine lines for hours. One of our amazing Spa products adored by customers worldwide~!

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