Hot Lashes® 2 sets Silicone Refill Pads (curler)

$ 15.99 $ 18.99

Hot Lashes sets of 2 Silicone refill pads for curler~ 4 pads in this order

The Hot Lashes® patented Silicone Replacement Pads for the Iconic Hot Lashes eyelash curler are made of patented non-stick, medical grade silicone material that makes it virtually impossible to lose an eyelash. The silicone pad is curved rather than flat, like a mushroom, so it actually curls your eyelashes rather bending the eyelashes. The non-stick pad also makes it perfectly safe to curl over mascara.

It is recommended that the silicone pads be replaced every 2-3 months for hygienic reasons as well as normal wearing down and to keep your eyelash curler in tip top shape.

Hot Lashes® Patented silicone pads includes:

 Four pads of patented non-stick, medical grade, silicone replacement pads.

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