Hot Lashes® 4 PC Cosmetic Kit to go with Hot Lashes Best Lash curler

$ 59.99 $ 80.00

  Hot Lashes set of 2 Iconic refills for eyelash curler

  Hot Lashes Pump Up fibers with Hot Lashes Lasting Curl mascara in one tube, back to back technology

  Hot Lashes Night-time Lash Treatment

    Hot Lashes 24K gold plated eyelash curler FREE Gift with this purchase


A Bonus to go with our Hot Lashes Best Heated eyelash curler,a Must Have 4pc that beautifully compliments the popular Hot Lashes Iconic system for beauty from Dawn till Dusk.
With this Kit you get the Super Lasting Curl mascara with its quick dry ingredient assists eyelashes in staying curled for all day for the beautiful eyelash look. This lasting curl mascara layered over the Beautiful Eyes Pump up fibers will give you longer and thicker eyelashes "to Celebrate for."


At night, apply the Hot Lashes Night-time Lash treatment over clean eyelashes for healthier and conditioned eyelashes. You will see results in 3-4 weeks and continued use of Lash Treatment suggested for great results. A beautiful Kit of our favorite Must Have products for the total beauty, health and length of eyelashes.

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