Welcome to our new Hot Lashes Site~!

Welcome one and all to our easy to navigate Hot Lashes website. Better safety controls  for ordering and better Product images and we are still keeping our old sale prices till January 2015.

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3 Steps to natural glorious and beautiful eyes:

Step1 If needed use a natural under concealer like our Vanish to cover any dark under eye areas and to highlight your eyes.

Step 2 Apply a thin eyeliner color of your choice that lasts all day like our 3 PC all day eyeliner to now frame your eye shape.

Step 3 Curl your eyelashes to get a just awake, open eye look and using our Hot Lashes heated eyelash curling system, hold the curl for all day.

And Viola~! Beautiful open eye look that looks gorgeous.

And Smile beauties, Smile~